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Estate Liquidation by means of in-home traditional Estate Sale Services.

When there is enough time and contents in the home or business to hold an estate sale, our clients will hire us to hold an estate sale in order to achieve the most value through selling directly to the public and the countless collectors and buyers that frequent Golden’s Estate Sales.

Estate Liquidation by an immediate buy out

When there’s not enough to hold an estate sale, and our clients want a quick exit with the most value, they choose one lump sum liquidation by means of a buyout.  Golden’s will either purchase the entire contents, or serve as a liaison by providing our client with buyers specifically looking to purchase entire estates.


Estate Liquidation Auctions

Auctions are a viable option at times. Golden’s will coordinate the auction efforts by either auctioning some or all the items online or serve as a liaison to arrange the most qualified auction professional specific to the items being liquidated.

Antique Shop

Not all estate liquidations are the same, an evaluation of your goals will allow us to strategically plan the best course of action for your particular estate liquidation.


Golden’s provides you the most comprehensive liquidation services; this wide spectrum of options allows us to not only liquidate your estate, but liquidate it at the most value.

Book a Free Consult

If you would like to discuss your estate needs call Amanda for a free consultation at 508-558-1366

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