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Antique Den

Estate Sales & Cleanouts

with care and class

Welcome to Golden's Estate Sales and Cleanouts.


We specialize in providing a professional and caring Estate Sales and Cleanout service for all requirements including sales after loss of a loved one, to settle a family estate, downsizing, retirement, moving to assisted living, bankruptcies, house flipping, foreclosures and more.

We are proud members of the American Society of Estate Liquidators

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Owner: Amanda Migneault



DATE: Friday, May 17th, Saturday, May 18th

TIME: 9am to 2pm



HIGHLIGHTS: Antique One-Horse Open-Sleigh, Antique Surrey, Sewing, Holt Howard Christmas, Collectable Porcelain & Glass pieces & more! 

DATE: Middleboro "Pop-Up Sale" ONE DAY ONLY  

DATE/ TIME: Saturday, May 25th

LOCATION: Middleboro, MA

LINK TO SALE: coming soon!

EARLY INFO: Beatles trading cards, mags, other, Costume Jewelry, albums, 45s, accessories, kitchen, silver plate set, furniture.

DATE: Friday, May 31st & Saturday, June 1st 

TIME: 9am to 2pm

LOCATION: Fall River, MA

LINK TO SALE: Coming soon!  

EARLY INFO: hand painted & signed wooden carousel horse, solid brass decor pieces, TONS of fine clothing, fine accessories including handbags & belts, lots of shoes, some antiques, circus decor pieces, nice furniture

DATE: Friday, June 8th & Saturday, June 9th  

TIME: 9am to 2pm


LINK TO SALE: coming soon!


DATE: Friday, June 14th & Saturday, June 15th

TIME: 9am to 2pm


LINK TO SALE: Coming soon!  

EARLY INFO: Tons of smalls, fine furnishings.

DATE: Friday, June 14th and Saturday, June 15th

TIME: 9am to 2pm

LOCATION: Attleboro, MA

LINK TO SALE: Coming soon!  

EARLY INFO: Antiques galore, impeccably furnished home

DATE: Friday, June 21st & Saturday, June 22nd

TIME: 9am to 2pm


LINK TO SALE: Coming soon!  

EARLY INFO: gorgeous home filled with antique furniture, rugs, fine china, homegoods, high-end patio set, kids stuff, kitchen wares & more!

Other Sales are in the works: Stay tuned!

NOTE: you must TEXT Amanda at (508) 558-1366  IF you plan on coming at the very start of our sales. This action replaces an on-site list - (this saves you from going to the actual property and signing up).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation! If you come after 10 on either day you do NOT need to sign up, just come on by!

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Experience a Goldens Sales Day.


Our Estate Sales 'sale days' provide a friendly and open atmosphere for antiques buyers and dealers, bargain hunters, casual buyers looking for a unique item, collectors and decorators.

We service Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Cape Cod and beyond!

"We attended one of Amanda Golden's Estate Sales this last weekend and were impressed with the efficient, knowledgeable, and professional manner in which it was conducted. We felt we had found the gold ring when we were able to purchase designer patio furniture for our new home on Cape Cod. Look forward to finding additional "treasures" at future Golden Estate Sales and Cleanouts."


~ Susan S.

About Golden's.


Golden's Estate Sales and Cleanouts is a family owned and operated business. The business was Originally founded in 1982 by Bill Golden known to locals as 'The Antique Man'. His daughter Amanda Migneault has lovingly restored the business to its former glory in its latest iteration as Golden's Estate Sales and Cleanouts LLC.

We are fully insured and registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Bill Golden aka "The Antique Man" sitting with Amanda's Grandmother

Very Professional! 

This was not an easy time for our family, but Amanda and her team were thoughtful and attentive from start to finish. Sorting through an endless assortment of items, they staged everything perfectly and kept us in the loop throughout the process. Thank you Golden’s  

Dan R

Why work with Golden's?



Amanda grew up in the Antiques trade with it being her father's primary occupation throughout her youth. She took a keen interest in the industry and it has always been her dream to continue her fathers legacy.


Real Estate Expertise:

Golden's can support the process of the sale end to end if required. Amanda comes to the Estate Sales industry with a background as a Realtor Associate and her husband Chris is a Real Estate Broker with over 20 years experience running his families Real Estate business, MIGNEAULT REALTORS. Together their love of supporting people to buy and sell their homes brings an extra element of support to Golden's. With an extensive knowledge of the local market and a great sensitivity when it comes to dealing with complex sales with multiple parties (in the case of settling a family estate for instance), Golden's can assist you every step of the way.



With an already established network through their natural connections as Realtors the Golden's Team know how to make a sale known. Partnered with social media posts and various online avenues the exposure for your sale will be both wide-reaching and authentic.


Photos and Video:

We can take extensive photos of sale items and video where required to create a comprehensive online gallery.


Lighting and Displays:

We will design the sale space with multiple lights for each area to ensure products are displayed at their optimum and checks for authenticity are carried out with ease. We re-set items to make sure that the space continues to be inviting throughout the sale period. Display cases can be arranged for valuable items or, depending on the value of the item, can be auctioned or sold privately at your request.



Prominent and brightly coloured signage will be placed at key locations to direct buyers to your sale.



Golden's will not hesitate to seek an appraiser if we come across an item that we don't have experience with, to make sure you get the right price for your item.



We will ensure each sale is staffed with a professional team to give your customers the best sales experience.


Credit Cards:

Credit card payments are available, which is proven to increase sales markedly.


Sales Reports:

We provide you with an inventory of all items and their sale price.

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